East Hoathly Church of England Primary School

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Our School is a small, happy, church, family, community school in the heart of East Sussex. We enjoy a beautiful school site located in the heart of the village next to the Church and Scallywags Nursery School. Our historic school buildings are situated in fabulous grounds where we love to learn and play not only within the school buildings but out of doors on our field, woodland, trim trail, garden and outdoor classroom. We are very lucky children!

We are a good school where everyone matters and everyone works hard together.

Motivated and achieving…

Welcome to East Hoathly Primary School. My name is Alison Flynn and I am the Executive Headteacher of the School. We are very proud of the School. It is currently in a position of strength, completely committed to providing outstanding Education to its pupils. This is an exciting place to come and learn and our excellent team of staff have been recruited for their passion, enthusiasm and imagination to ensure that every single class is engaged, excited and challenged by the learning experiences here. Every day counts and every child matters and our focus on their needs is relentless. We are very ambitious for the School whilst remaining committed to the children's happiness and well being at all times. We are very pleased to welcome you and your family to our school and hope that you will be joining us in all our learning journeys.

My name is James Procter and I am the Head of School. We believe that all children have the right to fulfil their potential and firmly believe that high quality teaching and learning is characterised by exciting, memorable and purposeful experiences, where children actively explore concepts creating a love of learning and developing creative independent thinking. Our inspiring curriculum ensures that learning is irresistible; resulting in children being captivated and intrigued to find out more. Children and adults at East Hoathly function within a Christian ethos that recognises the need for patience, tolerance and mutual respect and celebrates individuality. We also believe that a high quality learning environment and strong relationships with children and their families are integral to high standards of behaviour and good attendance. East Hoathly is a welcoming and happy school, with enthusiastic children and staff. We welcome you to be part of a school committed to educational excellence.

Extraordinary outcomes…

Our Aims and Ethos

Our aim is for every child to become a first class version of themselves. We strive to provide or impart:

  • a love of learning;
  • a foundation of knowledge from a rich and creative curriculum and a set of skills with which to understand and question the world that we live in;
  • an awareness of, and appreciation of, the spiritual dimension in our lives;
  • an enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom - in particular, art, sport, music and the performing arts;
  • a respect for others and a recognition that the efforts and achievements of every individual in our community are valued equally;
  • a pathway that encourages initiative and develops self confidence

Happy and confident…

Our Church School

At East Hoathly, we recognise the historic foundations of our school. The school has strong links with East Hoathly Church and very much wants to preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church at parish and diocesan level.

We aim to:

  • serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice;
  • encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promote Christian values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is held each day led by the staff and the Reverend Phil Hodgins. Parents are welcome at all services and are especially welcome to our special church services such as Harvest, Mothering Sunday, Father's Day, Education Sunday, at Christmas and at the end of the school year. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship if they wish.

Thoughtful and reflective…

Our Curriculum

We experience a creative, stimulating and challenging curriculum that inspires thinking and learning beyond the classroom. We enjoy our learning very much and this promotes our independence, confidence, spirituality and self esteem. We achieve well.

You coming to our school may be pure chance - that you are able to thrive here is not.

Our staff are committed to providing an outstanding and diverse curriculum that enables all the pupils to learn and achieve, whatever their learning style in a well resourced up to date setting.

Challenging and inspiring…

Our Learning exchanges

We foster, organise and develop a great number of links with our surrounding communities in order to optimise the learning experiences and opportunities for our pupils.

  • We run a large number of after school clubs and are always seeking to explore new ones to match our interests - come and see!
  • We share and participate in local events and competitions,
  • We make lots of school visits which match our curriculum learning
  • We share opportunities, learning experiences, and events with our Nursery School, Partnership schools, and local Secondary Schools
  • We swim at our local pool
  • We participate in our local Bikeability scheme
  • We organise fundraising and social events with our PTA - all Welcome!
  • We encourage links with our parents, local community, senior citizens and church to further the quality of the education that we provide.

Enjoying and sharing…

Our Behaviour Expectations

As a very caring school, we aim to create an environment which always encourages and reinforces good behaviour and fosters positive attitudes.

We have high expectations for good behaviour throughout the school at all times. This is closely linked to our vision statement and with the SEAL (Social emotional aspects of learning) programme. Our consistent approach to behaviour at all times and by all members of the school leads to a very happy learning community. These aims also link to our school anti-bullying policy.

Children at East Hoathly School know how and why good behaviour is expected and why it is important. It underpins our daily life at the school and we recognize good behaviour as a fundamental life skill.

Good behaviour ensures that:

  • Everyone feels happy and safe,
  • It promotes self respect, self control and accountability for behaviour,
  • It fosters positive relationships, self esteem through success and an awareness of how behaviour impacts on ourselves and others,
  • It encourages the partnership that we expect between home and school.

It is based on fairness, honesty, courtesy, equal opportunity and consideration, where all adults are a role model for the children. Our school is warm and welcoming and sends clear messages to the children about our expectations.

Our School Code of Conduct:

  • Always try your best, aim for excellence, take pride in your achievements
  • Respect other people- keep words and actions positive so everyone enjoys school
  • Listen well, follow instructions from staff
  • Respect property- look after our school and everything in it
  • Keep yourself and others safe

We have our code so that: children can learn, teachers can teach, everyone feels safe.

Good behaviour will be praised and appropriately rewarded in order to promote a sense of individual and corporate responsibility. Positive responses encourages good behaviour however it may be necessary to employ a number of consequences for inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour. A variety of low level intervention strategies are used initially, such as non-verbal signals, reminders and close adult proximity to re-direct and encourage children to stay on track. Consequences are presented to the child as a choice to help teach children that they are responsible for their own behaviour.

Real engagement with learning most often leads to little or no issues with behaviour.

Proud and responsible…

Our opportunities to shine

  • Weekly achievements assembly - Certificates are given out by class teachers. Our certificates are linked to our school learning powers.
  • Each term our class topics are launched and celebrated and each topic has a linked home learning project. These are then celebrated in whole school events.
  • Lots of community events celebrating the unique qualities of each child.

Learning Powers

Big Picture - Oak Tree - have a toolkit of strategies they use for different situations and they take time out to think about them.

Growing & Changing - Flower - know they can get better at learning over time. They believe that through effort their minds can get bigger and stronger.

Creative Butterfly - like to look at things in different ways, to find another angle.

Curious Fox - like to find things out, try to get to the bottom of things and find out what is really going on. They like to ask why?

Connecting Roots - like to look for connections between their learning.

Working Together - Ants - like to work as part of a team to get things done!

Tough Woodlice - they never give up and keep trying.

Independent and ambitious…

Our School Partnership with you

Parents are regularly invited into school to see what their children are achieving through class assemblies, open class sharing sessions and educational workshops.

To keep parents updated on the children's progress, regular opportunities are created for parents to come into school and see what we have been doing. We have ‘meet the teacher evenings’, individual parent interview sessions, and many educational/social events where parents share in their child's learning activities at school.

Parents are also welcome to make an appointment to speak to their child's teacher at any time.

For busy parents, ParentmailⓇ helps make life just that little bit easier.

A weekly newsletter is sent home via ParentmailⓇ to keep parents informed and communicate dates, events, holidays, school activities and much more.

News and information is also regularly updated on the school website

Naturally, we are delighted that you have selected East Hoathly Primary School for your child and it is always our highest priority to ensure that each child reaches their potential in a happy, safe and stimulating environment. By the same token, we expect that our parents seek to work in a supportive partnership with us to achieve the same ends.

Our School Partnership with Chiddingly Primary School

In September 2012 Mrs Flynn became the Executive Head of East Hoathly CE Primary and St John's Meads CE School which is situated on the coast in Eastbourne. In June 2014, East Hoathly CE Primary School and Chiddingly Primary School became a partnership. Mrs Flynn is now executive Headteacher of the three schools and Mr Procter is Head of School at East Hoathly and Chiddingly.

  • Aims and aspirations of the partnership are jointly shared between the schools and there are benefits to all three schools which are growing all the time.
  • The leadership between the three schools is strong and strategic and the aspirations and expectations of the children, staff, parents and governors have been raised.
  • Importantly, the three schools retain their own identity and character and the quality of teaching and learning always remain the highest priority in all three schools.
  • High standards of pupil behaviour continue to be maintained and the pupils share in many join ventures which are educationally, socially, and moreover mutually, beneficial.
  • Staff constantly share ideas and expertise across both schools enabling them to strengthen and drive new and innovative ways of working.

Working and succeeding…

Our School Uniform

The basic styles and colours were chosen in consultation with parents and children/School Council.

The uniform list is, as follows:

  • Grey skirts, or trousers (no jeans or cords),
  • Plain white long or short sleeved shirt or white polo necks shirt,
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan, with school logo,
  • Plain black or grey socks,
  • White or red socks or tights,
  • Black shoes - plain with low or flat heels for safety reasons.
  • No jewellery, with the exception of gold or silver studs for pierced ears and a wrist watch.
  • Red or white hair fastenings only.
  • Nail vanish should not be worn to school.
  • School fleeces are only for outside wear, not in classrooms.
  • Ties with white shirts (optional)

Summer Wear

  • Red or white checked or striped dresses.
  • Sun hats, East Hoathly School only

PE Kit

For reasons of hygiene and safety, children need to have an appropriate change of clothing for PE and Games lessons.

  • School PE T-shirt, with school logo
  • Red shorts,
  • Plimsolls for Foundation and Year 1,
  • Trainers for outside PE,
  • Grey or black joggers (optional for winter wear),

All items should be kept in a named East Hoathly PE bag.

We wear our uniform with pride!

We need our PE kit in school at all times for gymnastics, games and drama activities.

Our uniform is available to order from the school office.

Uniform Prices
CARDIGANS (Age 3/4 - 11/12) £11.00
SWEATSHIRTS (Age 3/4 - 11/12) £11.00
WHITE POLO SHIRTS (Age 3/4 - 11/12) £ 8.50
WHITE ‘T’ SHIRTS (Age 3/4 - 11/12) £ 6.00
RED SHORTS (24"-32") £ 5.50
BOOK BAG £ 5.00
TIES £4.95

Smart and proud…

Our Eco friendly school

We are an eco friendly school. Thank you for helping us.

We try very hard to abide by an Eco code


We will turn off lights and electrical equipment when they are not needed and close windows and doors as appropriate to prevent heat loss.


We will compost our green waste and use it in the school garden.

We will turn off taps after use and never leave them dripping.


We will not drop litter but use the bins provided. If we see any we will pick it up and throw it away in the bins.

We like our school to be clean and tidy.

Mindful and careful…

How do we look after you?

  • We encourage children at all times to TRY HARD, TAKE CARE AND BE KIND.
  • We are very fortunate and our beautiful school environment creates a lovely place for us to socialise and play at break times and lunch times.

At break times, we can eat a healthy snack. Delicious!

At lunchtimes, we can have a school lunch or a healthy packed lunch.

Healthy, tolerant and kind…

Our Aspirations

‘To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.’ - Kahlil Gibran
‘If we did all the things we are capable of doing we would truly astound ourselves.’ - Thomas Edison

We are constantly seeking ways for our children to aspire to being and doing the best that they can. Their strengths and talents will vary and in all areas of the curriculum and in school life we set out to give the children opportunities to shine where they can and challenge themselves with new experiences which may mean that step outside their comfort zone, but in so doing, achieve more than they ever thought possible.

  • Use our school website and you will see what we are up to, what we are planning and where you can support your child in our school.
  • We offer many extra curricular activities which vary according to the season, teacher and pupil talents or where we are working towards special events in our school calendar. Encourage your children to join in. Could you come and help?
  • As part of our Global citizenship, we have a strong links with schools in Malawi.
  • Loving life…

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